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Iva Rose was born in a small town in southern Massachusetts in the spring of 1899. She was the younger of a very large family and she was a very studious girl. She loved her handiwork, and could often be found with her needles or her tatting shuttle, creating her beautiful works.

She believed in the importance of education and after high school she graduated from Boston University, eventually to became a foreign language teacher in the public schools of Whitehead, N.H. It does not seem like much, but this was in a time before women were allowed to vote in the US, and for a woman to  graduate from college at this time in our history,  was quite remarkable!

Within a few years, on a summer hiatus from her teaching position, she returned to Massachusetts and met the man she would marry. He worked in one of the many local factories, and he was also a volunteer fireman for the city. They were married in the fall of 1921, and she gave birth to her first child, my mother,  5 years later. They had 4 daughters and a happy life, and they left a legacy in many wonderful photographs such as the one here of Iva Rose seated on Plymouth Rock during her honeymoon 1921.

Sadly, her dream life did not continue as she had hoped. In 1939 Iva was stricken at a young age with Breast Cancer and she died very soon afterwards, leaving her heartbroken  daughters and her beloved Leroy.  Leroy did his best to raise his 4 daughters on his own, but up until he died in 1970, he never had another love like Iva Rose.

Iva Rose left this world before  knowing any of her 14 Grandchildren.
She loved to capture time in photos, but she never owned a color camera.
She never saw the movie "Gone With the Wind".
She never knew the outcome of WWII
And her absence in our family has left a big hole that still exists today.

The effects of Breast Cancer can last generations - please do everything possible to bring an end to it! Please support Breast Cancer research and let's find a cure!

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