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 Friends of Iva Rose
Music From the Works of James Joyce

Often in our journey through life, we come across things that must be shared. This CD performed by my friend, Kevin McDermott is one of those things. This work is a wonderful recreation of the music of James Joyce, performed as it was originally done almost 100 years ago. It is like stepping back in time - and what a wonderful and vibrant time it was!

Mr. McDermott has a beautiful Irish Tenor voice and on this work he is masterfully accompanied by Mr. Ralph Richey. Many of my books were restored while listening to this music. If you love history, and the period from which all of the books on my site were created - I highly recommend this CD as inspiration!


Anna Meloni and her Lovely Creations

My Italian Friend, Anna Meloni

In the time that I have been producing my books, I have met some amazingly talented people - Anna Meloni is one of them! She is a super-talented author and needleartist from Italy. Thanks to modern day translation software, I have been fortunate to converse with her via email and she is a delightful person - I'm happy to call her a friend! She has written several books in Italian, which can be purchased through her website. But the best part is the work that she does - it is astounding! Please be sure to visit her website to see her work!


Coy's Delight - Stunning Bead Bag Kits

If you are a lover or a maker of vintage beaded bags - you must visit Coy's website. She has a stunning assortment of kits and supplies to make beautiful beaded bags that were so pupular 100 years ago. Her website is pure eye candy!


The Alley Rose Vintage Linens and Textiles
The Ally Rose site contains an amazing assortment of restored antique linens and clothing - all beautifully cleaned and presented, showing their true magnificent beauty. There is always something new here, and there are real treasures to be found. Do yourself a favor and stop by to visit, these stunning hand-made linens will not only inspire - they will take your breath away!
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