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    31 Pages. This is amazing assortment of nineteen lovely vintage beaded bags and purses that are worked in both knitting  and crochet. In addtion to the bags there are also several lovely chains to be worn as a decorative accent. The designs are classic beauties from the swing era. The instructions are clear, and easy to follow, including charts for some ofthe designs. A wonderful addition to a popular series from the "Roaring Twenties!"


    33 Pages. Beaded bags such as these were ever so popular during the Flapper era. there is a wide selection to choose from - 14 beaded designs worked in knitting and 2 designs worked in crochet. There are also instructions to make a Victorian bead collar, a small change purse and a pendant necklace. The designs are. Colorful beaded bags such as these are quite popular and and timeless in their appeal.


    25 Pages. This is the most unique assortment of beading patterns from all the Hiawatha series. In addition to the twelve lovely purses that are all in Beaded Knitting, there are two lovely small change purses. There is also a very unique item - a beaded strap to be laid over the arm of a chair. Originally this was called an ashtray strap - but it can be adapted for a multitude ofuses. There are also seven lovely bead necklaces. A fantastic assortment of original Flapper era beadwork!


    32 Pages. A lovely and unique selection of Prohibition Era beaded bags. The unique styles in these vintage patterns are mostly worked in beaded knitting, however there are a few that are worked in crochet. Also included are patterns for Victorian beaded Collar, beaded Pendant chain and small coin purses. A fabulous resource for the knitter and beader alike!

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