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    26 Pages. This book is the first of the series by Winifred Clark. This is an excellent instruction book in tatting and crochet. The illustrations are huge, the instructions are clear and concise and the designs are simply lovely. Patterns included in this book are several beautiful edgings, insertions and medallions. There is also a lovely oval table mat, a little coin purse with a rose, two yokes, edgings for towls and linens, a see-saw back drier, a plate doily and a decorative ribbon holder. Most of the patterns are crochet.


    26 Pages. This edition contains a lovely assortment of Flapper era crochet lingerie and boudoir items. Included are large photographs and instructions to make thirteen yokes, a lace edging for an envelope chemise, four very lovely boudoir caps and boudoir slippers. Also included are some intriguing designs in Hairpin Lace. There are well illustrated instuctions in the technique of Hairpin Lace. The finished projects are a back powder puff with matching hair receiver; a matching boudoir cap, negligee and candle shade and a pin cushion top. A great set of patterns for lovers of vintage fashion.


    15 Pages. This book is the third in the Winifred series and it contains an altogether different collection of lovely yokes.  There are fifteen yokes in total that were constructed  by various techniques and in various styles. The methods used included hairpin lace crochet, rick-rack lace, medallions, filet crochet and even a design in knitting. Also included are two lovely charted alphabets to use as a monogram to add a personal touch to your lingerie. This is a gorgeous collection with large photos and detailed instructions for every design.


    15 Pages. This fourth edition of the "Winifred" series has an excellent selection of crochet patterns to beautify the home. There are several styles of aprons - crocheted edgings for a fudge apron, a bungalow apron, coverall apron and two lovely tea aprons. There are two filet crochet curtain insertions - on in a grapevinedesign and the other in an eidelweiss floral pattern. Also include is an insertion for a pillow, a monkey-face portier, doilies, a bedspread, a dress set, napkin rinds and several other lovely patterns.


    15 Pages. This book is the sixth book of the  Winifred series  and it contains a very lovely assortment of seventy-one edgings and insertions in a rage of techniques and sizes. Imagine the possibilities with the lovely designs! The book contains large, detail photographs of each and every design, as well as detail instructions in making them.

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